International Program

1. Exchange Program for Ungraduates and Graduates

    Students are encourged to apply the exchange programs in our school to study abroad (eg. University of North Texas, Arizona University, and University of Turku) for a year.


2.  Double Master Degree Program in Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (BIKMA)

Postgraduate students are also encouraged to pursue the double master degree program. The program is hosted by the University of Turku (UTU) and the Central China Normal University (CCNU). Specific information is shown below.

Name of institution

Title of degree awarded for this Master’s Program


Date and reference of formal approval of degree

Central China   Normal University

Master of   Science in Management

Information Science or Management Science

Government Degree Commission Document 16/2003 (Hubei Province, China)

University of Turku

Filosofian   maisteri Master of Science

Information Systems Science

Government   Decree on University Degrees 794/2004, Finland

The program is welcomed for students who enrolled in the Master of Science in Management at the Central China Normal University or in the MSc Information Systems Science program of the University of Turku.


3.  Partnerships

We have cooperation with many universities, such as:

    University of North Texas

    Arizona University

    University of Turku

    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    Louisiana State University

    The University of Sheffield

    New Zealand University

    University of Pittsburgh


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