An Approach to Improve Efficiency of Traditional Automated Trust Negotiation Strategies

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Bailing Liu, Chao Lei, Yanhui Li, Liting Liang, (2018). An Approach to Improve Efficiency of Traditional Automated Trust Negotiation Strategies. Journal of Internet Technology

Abstract:Automated trust negotiation (ATN) is a successful approach to establishing mutual trust between strangers wishing to share resources or conduct business by gradually requesting and disclosing digitally signed credentials. An ATN strategy need to be adopted to determine a successful negotiation sequence based on the access control policies. Traditional ATN strategies provide the maximum degree of protection to the involved resources. However, there can be cases where efficiency is the most crucial need especially in light of widespread use of mobile device. It is preferable to adopt highly efficient ATN strategies, even if they do not maximize the protection of involved resources. Thus in this paper, we propose an approach to improve efficiency of traditional negotiation strategies by integrating sequence prediction, making a trade-off between negotiation efficiency and sensitive information protection. We validate the effectiveness of our approach by performing experiments on a mobile platform, taking the representative traditional negotiation strategy PRUENS as an example. Our experimental results show that our approach dramatically enhances efficiency of PRUNES.

Keywords:Automated trust negotiation, Negotiation strategy, Efficiency, Mobile phone;

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